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Boujad Rug

Today I will introduce you to a beautiful Moroccan boujad rug.

The vintage boujad for decoration is so beautiful that it can be used as wall decoration or interior decorations especially in the living room. For those of you who love vintage and rustic style, this old but still very nice and stylish looking boujad is definitely what you need. The colors and the design of this rug are amazing, it is like a piece of art.


This old Moroccan rug is hand-woven with wool, which makes it very soft and comfortable. The colors used in this rug are usually black, red, green, blue, and yellow. The most common design that you can find on this type of rug is the spiral and symmetrical diamond design. The vintage Moroccan boujad is also very popular as a wedding gift because of its significance in weddings. If you notice carefully, most brides in Morocco wear red as their wedding color which is considered as lucky for them.


Another reason why this type of rug is so popular among couples getting married is because the rug is usually given as a sign of good luck and fertility. So, if you are looking for something unique and special to decorate your home with, the Moroccan vintage boujad rug is definitely the right choice. It will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home décor. Not to mention, it is also a great conversation starter for your guests.


What is a boujad rug?

Boujad rugs are natural, handmade rugs that are typically made with 100% wool from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They are typically colorful and feature geometric design Boujad rugs are known for their durability and resistance to fading. They are also versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor. Additionally, as they are handmade, each rug is unique and has its own character.

Boujad rugs can be found online and in select stores. It is important to purchase from a reputable source to ensure you're getting a high-quality rug that will last. Boujad rugs vary in price depending on size, quality, and design. Typically, they range from $250 to $1,000. They are easy to care for and should be vacuumed regularly and spot cleaned as needed. They can be professionally cleaned every few years, or more often if needed. It is important to purchase from a reputable source to ensure you're getting a high-quality rug that will last.


Where can I purchase a vintage boujad rug?

Welcome to the latest installment of the best place to buy vintage rugs on the web,! Today I'm going to talk about one of my personal favorite styles of rug: The Boujad.

When you hear this name, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? If you're familiar with these wonderful textiles, I can bet cash money it was something beautiful. That's because it takes a special breed of person to appreciate and design an item as exquisite as these vintage rugs.

The Boujad is very unique in its design and looks like no other type of rug we've talked about so far on . This particular style is known for its bold, black and white geometric design that almost looks cubist. The patterns are usually very complicated with a lot of detail which gives the rug this wonderful texture.

One often-overlooked aspect about these rugs is their extraordinary durability. They were typically made for high-traffic areas, so they have to be able to handle being walked all over day after day by families generations apart from each other! This means these rugs can sometimes withstand decades (or more!) of use without showing any sign of wear. And this makes them great for homes with kids

If you're interested in purchasing a Boujad rug, they can be found in a few select places. Unfortunately, they are not as popular and well-known as some of the other styles we've talked about, so they can be harder to find. But don't worry, has your back! We offer an exclusive selection of these rugs that you won't find anywhere else on the web. So what are you waiting for?


How can you tell if a Boujad rug is real?

One way to determine whether a Boujad rug is authentic is by looking at the materials used in its construction. Genuine Moroccan rugs are typically made from 100% wool. They may also feature intricate designs and colorful patterns. If a rug is made from synthetic materials or lacks intricate details, it is likely not a genuine Moroccan rug.

 The patterns on authentic Boujad rugs can be very distinctive and easily recognizable once you get familiar with them.The colors and shapes used in the design are generally only found in a Boujad rug.

You can also look at the ends of a Boujad rug to see how it's been constructed. Begin by looking for any fringes or tassels at the end of the carpet, as well as the type of knotting used. Generally, authentic Boujad rugs will have a symmetrical fringe composed of multiple tassels. The knotting used in these carpets is also very distinctive, with a 'saddle-node' knot being the most common.

If you're still not sure if a rug is a Boujad, there are a few other things you can look for. For example, Boujad rugs often have a very low pile, as this helps to show the intricate designs and colors used in the carpet. Additionally, the wool used in Boujad rugs is typically very soft and fluffy.

Take all of these factors into consideration when trying to determine if a rug is a Boujad, and you'll be able to tell if it's the real deal!

Finally, you can often determine whether a rug is from Morocco by its price. Authentic Moroccan rugs are typically more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. If you're looking to buy a Moroccan rug, be sure to ask the seller about its origin and construction materials to ensure that you're getting the real thing.


Are Boujad rugs good quality?

 Boujad rugs are some of the most highly sought-after Moroccan rugs due to their quality and intricate designs. The rugs are made by women in the Boujad region of Morocco, and each one is unique.

 Boujad rugs are usually very durable, making them a good choice for high traffic areas. They are also stain resistant, which makes them easy to care for. Additionally, Boujad rugs are often more affordable than plush carpets.

 If you're looking for a beautiful and durable rug, a Boujad rug may be the perfect choice for you.


What are vintage boujad rugs called?

 Vintage boujad rugs are typically called berber carpets. They are handmade woolen rugs that were produced by the berber people in North Africa. The term "boujad" is derived from the town of Boujad, which is located in the Hautes-Atlas region of Morocco. These rugs are known for their bright colors and intricate designs. They are often considered to be some of the most beautiful rugs in the world.


Boujad rugs can be quite expensive, and they are often sought after by collectors. Due to their popularity, they can be difficult to find. If you're lucky enough to come across one for sale, be prepared to pay a high price. However, if you're willing to wait, there's a good chance that the price will eventually come down. So if you're on the hunt for a beautiful vintage rug, keep an eye out for a boujad rug! You won't be disappointed.



The history of vintage boujad rugs

 The history of vintage boujad rugs dates back to the 14th century in Morocco. These carpets have been treasured by people all over for centuries, and now they can be yours! The colors are bold due to vivid warp threads that contrast with weft thread shadows which give them depth like no other rug or carpet weave out there today.

The color palette consists of emerald greens, dusty reds, cool blues, burnt yellows and white. It is interesting to note that these tones are  achieved using natural dyes

Of course because these rugs are so old, they are very delicate and must be taken care of carefully. They can last up to 30 years or more if treated right, many people find that this is well worth the extra effort. The vintage boujad rugs are so beautiful to look at and feel under your feet, it might just inspire you to create a whole new story for them!

Many vintage carpet dealers strip the pile off these lovely antiques which leaves an unappealing backing material behind. This is why we recommend Boujad's Moroccan rugs . Their brand new line features only 100% pure wool, ensuring absolute comfort with no need for padding underfoot due to dense constructions. All styles feature hand carved details that will enhance any décor.


Symbolism of boujad Rugs

 Most people find the patterns and colors of boujad rugs to be simply beautiful, but what many may not know is that these rugs carry with them a great deal of symbolism. Each color in a boujad rug has its own meaning, as does each pattern.

 The light green in these rugs is said to represent life, growth, and fertility. The darker shades of blue are associated with the sky and water - both of which are seen as sources of life. In addition, the blue in these rugs can also symbolize masculinity, while the green can represent femininity.

 The patterns in boujad rugs often resemble ancient berber artwork, and they are said to carry with them the same symbolism. Each pattern represents something different, and understanding these patterns can help you to decode the meaning of your rug's colors. For example, rosettes symbolize life and renewal; arches represent triumph over death; and palmettes signify growth and fertility.

 Boujad rugs are set apart by their symmetrical nature. This is because symmetry implies order - a fundamental component of the universe as many people perceive it. The individual parts of a boujad rug work together in a manner that is both effective and pleasing to the eye. The geometric shapes, along with the repeated use of specific colors, patterns, and symbols have been said to represent harmony within diversity - perhaps signifying unity within multiplicity instead of uniformity. In addition, many believe that the symmetry found in boujad rugs is a representation of the infinite nature of existence.



Why are boujad  rugs are so unique

 A Moroccan rug is a unique piece of furniture that embodies multiple aspects of the weaver and owner. A weaver must be skilled in producing rugs that meet certain standards. Beyond that, the pattern and colors must be appropriate for what will eventually become a home or office setting. Furthermore, time and money constraints may steer an owner towards one design over another, or may change the owner's ideas to better suit what is available.

 The process of rug making begins with the spools of thread. Spools are first threaded together in an order that reflects the design for which they will be used. The beginning and end of each string strand must be securely attached to prevent unraveling once the weaving process has begun. This step can be done by hand, but it is typically done using a machine that simultaneously attaches both ends while allowing the weaver another pair of hands to begin working on another part of the rug before attaching those strands as well.

 The final step in the process is to trim any loose threads and give the rug a good shake to remove any excess fibers. The rug may then be inspected to check for any mistakes that may have been made during the weaving process.


These rugs make a beautiful addition to any home or office. In some cases, they can even serve as a focal point in a room's design scheme. They are typically made from wool thread, which gives them an attractive appearance and durability that will last for years. The patterns and colors of each rug are designed to fit with a particular style of décor, so it is important to take the design into consideration when selecting one. A boujad Moroccan rug is a unique piece of furniture that exemplifies all of these aspects while also being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable underfoot.



Bohemian Boujad rug

 Bohemian boujad rugs are the perfect way to add a touch of boho style to your living room. These vintage rugs feature beautiful, colorful patterns that can really help to brighten up the space.

 To get the most out of your bohemian boujad rug, be sure to use it as a focal point in your living room. Try placing it in front of the couch or under a coffee table. This will help to create a cozy and inviting space for you and your guests.

 If you’re looking for ways to decorate with your bohemian boujad rug, here are a few ideas:

 -Try pairing it with some colorful cushions or throws. This will help to tie the room together and create a laid-back atmosphere.

 -You can also try adding some plants around your rug. This will help to make the space feel more organic and natural, which is perfect for living rooms.

 -If you want to make use of your bohemian rug all year round, you can put it by a window or sliding door and drape it with curtains or blinds. This will help the sunlight filter through onto your floor during summer months, creating a warm glow. In winter, you can close the curtains to stop draughts entering into the room and keep the heat in.

Bohemian style rugs bring that sort of east European folk art feeling into any home. There is an earthiness to the colors and patterns in these rugs, as well as a free-spiritedness, that can really brighten up any living space. So if you’re looking for something a little different for your home, a bohemian boujad rug could be the perfect choice.

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Are Boujad Rugs Durable?

 Boujad rugs are known for their durability. They are made from sturdy wool that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is why they are often used in high-traffic areas, such as living rooms and hallways.

 Despite their durability,  Boujad rugs can be damaged if they are not properly cared for. They need to be cleaned and repaired as soon as it is spotted that something is wrong with them.


Cleaning Boujad Rugs

 Boujad rugs should only be washed by a professional rug cleaner. The process of washing them involves submerging them in water and using chemicals to remove dirt, grease, grime and other impurities. It also involves using strong agitation tools such as rotary brushes to deep clean the fabrics of the rug itself. Because of this, even experienced owners of Boujad rugs should never attempt to clean their own rugs at home because the results could damage the fibers more than if they were never washed at all. If you have a Boujad rug and it needs to be cleaned, take it to a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible.


Repairing Boujad Rugs

 If your Boujad rug is damaged, you should take it to a professional rug repairer as soon as possible. Even a small tear in the fabric can become bigger over time, so it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. Repairers can often fix rips and tears quickly and easily, and they can also restore faded areas of the rug. If you have any damage on your Boujad rug, don’t wait – take it to a professional repairer today.

 Boujad rugs are known for their durability. They are made from sturdy wool that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is why they are often used in high-traffic areas, such as living rooms and hallways.

Despite their durability, Boujad rugs can be damaged if they are not properly cared for. They need to be cleaned and repaired as soon as it is spotted that something is wrong with them.


Why boujad rug

Boujad vintage rugs are known to be handmade products which can either be woven by women or crafted by men with the help of a loom. Their design is exclusively composed of rectangles and squares, in accordance with Moroccan tradition that bans drawings that could represent animals or human beings. Rectangles and squares are widely used because they symbolize stability and firmness since space must always be well organized. All vintage Moroccan rug pieces made out of Boujad wool are designed using the same pattern but differ one from another due to their colors, sizes as well as different shades of red color on some vintage Boujad rug products . Today, vintage boujad rug products are still for hotel purchase yet not sold on the international vintage rug market.

The vintage boujad rug. It is soft. This is important because I sit on it a lot! The colors are also very nice and soothing to my eyes, so I do not get nauseated looking at them for hours as I work on my laptop or tablet. With this specific design, there are no extra bold colors that would detract from the other elements in the room--with one exception: a bright white cushion contrasting beautifully with a dark brown leather couch across from a pale beige wall. There is also a black cat lounging around--very nice contrast with all of those colors!



where to buy vintage boujad rug

There are a few different places you can buy a vintage boujad rug. One option is to search online for a retailer that specializes in selling these types of rugs. Another option is to visit an antique or vintage shop in your area. No matter where you choose to buy your rug, be sure to do your research beforehand. Read reviews from other customers and compare prices between different retailers. This will help ensure that you find the best deal possible and that you're buying a rug that is of good quality.

Authentic Boujad rugs can be found at ETTILUXHOME.COM . Our shop offers different colours of Boujad rugs, including pink, purple, red, and peach. The geometric patterns on these rugs are rich and complex, making them an artistic delight for the eyes. A Boujad rug will add life and warmth to your home. If you're looking to buy a handmade rug that will tell stories and add character to your space, a Boujad rug is the perfect choice. Shop now at Ettilux Home !

A Vintage Boujad rug is a true work of art. These rugs have been handmade for centuries by matriarchs of the family, using traditions passed down from mother to daughter. As each rug is unique, they are highly prized possessions and centrepieces of established homes.

Boujad rugs originate from the Moroccan town of Boujad. The distinctive, brightly-coloured rugs were created as a way to bring happiness and colour into the lives of the weavers' families. The geometric designs are inspired by traditional Berber carpets, and each one is unique.