Step into the World of Ettilux Home: Your Destination for Moroccan Rug Sales

Step into the enchanting world of Moroccan rugs with Ettilux Home's expansive rug sale. Dive into the rich history, marvel at the craftsmanship, and explore the diverse range of styles, including the much-loved Beni Ourain rugs. Discover why these high-quality rugs, with their striking patterns and luxurious feel, are an absolute must-have for every home.
Step into the World of Ettilux Home: Your Destination for Moroccan Rug Sales - Ettilux Home


Ettilux Home is your portal into the mesmerizing world of Moroccan rugs. With our expansive Moroccan rug sale, we invite you to experience the magic of these handcrafted masterpieces that carry a rich history and an essence of Moroccan tradition in every thread. Our sale showcases a diverse range of Moroccan rugs, including the beloved Beni Ourain rugs, known for their unique designs, top-notch quality, and timeless elegance.

1. The Allure of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs, handwoven by the skilled artisans of the Atlas Mountains, are a symbol of Moroccan heritage and craftsmanship. Renowned for their intricate patterns, high-quality materials, and durability, these rugs have gained worldwide acclaim for their ability to inject warmth and exotic charm into any living space.

2. Ettilux Home: A Gateway to Authentic Moroccan Rugs

At Ettilux Home, we take immense pride in offering an extensive range of authentic Moroccan rugs that meet the highest quality standards. Our rugs are sourced directly from the skilled weavers of Morocco, ensuring that every piece carries a touch of Moroccan culture and tradition.

3. The Significance of the Moroccan Rug Sale at Ettilux Home

Our Moroccan rug sale is more than just a commercial event; it is a celebration of Moroccan artistry and an opportunity for our customers to acquire a piece of Moroccan heritage. The sale includes a wide variety of rugs, each boasting distinctive designs, vibrant colors, and meticulous craftsmanship.

4. Choosing the Perfect Rug from Our Moroccan Rug Sale

Choosing the right rug from our sale involves considering factors such as the rug's size, color scheme, design, and the space where it will be placed. We offer a comprehensive guide to help our customers select a rug that best fits their aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

5. The Star of the Sale: Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain rugs, with their unique geometric patterns and plush texture, are the stars of our Moroccan rug sale. Handcrafted by the Beni Ourain tribe, these rugs are a testament to their rich history and tradition. Owning a Beni Ourain rug means embracing a piece of Moroccan tribal heritage.

6. The Promise of Quality at Ettilux Home

At Ettilux Home, we guarantee high-quality products. Every rug in our Moroccan rug sale undergoes strict quality checks to ensure it meets our customers' expectations. We ensure that each piece is free from defects and is ready to enhance the beauty of your home.

7. How to Care for Your Moroccan Rug

Once you've chosen your favorite Moroccan rug from our sale, it's crucial to maintain its quality with proper care. This includes regular cleaning, rotating the rug to ensure even wear, and prompt attention to any spills or stains.

8. FAQs about the Moroccan Rug Sale at Ettilux Home

Here are some common questions related to our Moroccan rug sale:

What types of Moroccan rugs are included in the sale? Our sale includes a wide variety of Moroccan rugs, including Beni Ourain, Kilim, and Boucherouite rugs, among others.

Are the rugs in the sale handmade? Yes, all rugs in our sale are handmade by skilled artisans in Morocco, ensuring authenticity and top-notch quality.

Do you provide care instructions for the rugs purchased from the sale? Yes, we provide comprehensive care instructions with every rug purchased to help you maintain its quality and longevity.

Can I return or exchange a rug purchased from the sale? We have a customer-friendly return and exchange policy in place. You can check out the details on our website.

How can I ensure the rug I choose will fit my space? We provide a detailed guide to help you choose the right size rug for your space. It includes tips on measuring your space and visualizing how the rug will fit into it.


Embrace the charm and artistry of Moroccan culture with a rug from our Moroccan rug sale at Ettilux Home. With each rug, you're not just buying a piece of decor; you're bringing home a story, a tradition, and a piece of Moroccan heritage. Step into our world and let the magic of Moroccan rugs transform your living spaces into exotic retreats.