Boho Moroccan Rugs: A Blend of Tradition and Trend by Ettilux Home

Dive into the world of Moroccan weaving with Ettilux Home's online collection of Boho Moroccan rugs. Our handpicked selection, including the globally admired Beni Ourain rugs, offers an authentic touch of Morocco's rich cultural heritage. Elevate your home decor with our high-quality, handcrafted, and eco-friendly Moroccan rugs.
Boho Moroccan Rugs: A Blend of Tradition and Trend by Ettilux Home

Boho chic might be a modern phrase, but the aesthetic has been around for centuries. It fuses elements from various cultures and epochs to create a style that's unique, carefree, and effortlessly stylish. At the heart of this aesthetic, adding warmth, color, and texture are Boho Moroccan rugs. Sold online by Ettilux Home, these rugs celebrate the rich weaving traditions of Moroccan tribes and are coveted worldwide for their distinctive patterns, plush texture, and high-quality construction.

Understanding Boho Moroccan Rugs

Boho Moroccan rugs are versatile and distinctive, their charm derived from the traditional Moroccan weaving techniques merged with the Bohemian free-spirited flair. Born in the rugged Atlas Mountains of Morocco, these rugs are the embodiment of the Berber tribes' centuries-old artistry.

Each rug narrates a story, with every knot, weave, and color representing different aspects of life, tradition, and nature. The dominant geometric patterns symbolize ancient Berber tattoos, while the abstract motifs are inspired by natural landscapes, tribal folklore, and the weavers' personal experiences.

Ettilux Home brings this rich cultural heritage right to your doorstep with its online selection of handpicked Moroccan rugs, including the globally admired Beni Ourain rugs. Crafted from high-quality, locally sourced wool, our rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a luxuriously soft feel and impressive durability.

Incorporating Boho Moroccan Rugs in Your Decor

A Boho Moroccan rug is a versatile piece that can elevate any space. Whether you're a fan of minimalist Scandinavian designs, rustic farmhouse styles, or vibrant Bohemian themes, a Moroccan rug from Ettilux Home can seamlessly blend in while creating a focal point.

Living Room:

A large Beni Ourain rug in the living room can provide a plush base for your furniture, creating a cozy space. The rug's neutral colors and geometric patterns can balance the room's elements, adding warmth and character.


Moroccan rugs offer a soft landing for your feet on chilly mornings. Their rich textures and designs add layers to the room's aesthetic, making it feel cozy and inviting.

Dining Room:

A flatweave Kilim rug under your dining table can provide a pop of color and pattern, creating a conversation starter.

Outdoor Spaces:

Moroccan rugs are not limited to indoor spaces. They can add warmth and style to your outdoor seating area or balcony, making it a chic extension of your living space.

Care and Maintenance of Your Boho Moroccan Rug

The durability of Boho Moroccan rugs is impressive, but to ensure they last a lifetime, proper care is essential. Here are a few tips:

  1. Regular Vacuuming: Dirt can break down the rug fibers over time. Regular vacuuming helps remove this dirt.

  2. Spot Cleaning: Treat any spills immediately to prevent staining. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent, but avoid scrubbing.

  3. Professional Cleaning: Have your rug professionally cleaned every few years to maintain its vibrancy and extend its life.

  4. Rotate Your Rug: This prevents uneven wear and fading from sunlight.

  5. Rug Pad: Use a rug pad underneath to prevent slipping and add cushioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How are Ettilux Home's Boho Moroccan rugs made?

A: Our rugs are handmade by skilled artisans in Morocco. They employ traditional Berber weaving techniques, using high-quality, locally sourced wool.

Q: What sizes do these rugs come in?

A: We offer a range of sizes from small runners to large area rugs. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Q: Are these rugs sustainable?

A: Yes. We source our rugs from artisans who use sustainable and locally sourced materials.

Q: How can I style my Boho Moroccan rug?

A: These rugs are versatile. You can use them in your living room, bedroom, dining area, or even outdoors. They blend well with different decor styles, from minimalistic to rustic to Bohemian.

Q: How can I clean my rug?

A: Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and occasional professional cleaning are recommended. Also, rotate your rug and use a rug pad to increase its longevity.


The Boho Moroccan rug is more than just a decorative accessory. It is a testament to centuries of culture and tradition, a fusion of design sensibilities, and a functional piece that can transform a space. At Ettilux Home, we pride ourselves on offering authentic, high-quality Boho Moroccan rugs, including Beni Ourain rugs. Our rugs promise to bring a piece of Moroccan heritage into your homes, creating spaces that are warm, inviting, and uniquely yours.