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Where Does The Moroccan Rug Wool Come From? A Journey from Sheep to Sheep

Whenever you travel deep into the Atlas Mountain you find the Mountain ranges of North Africa that make it a part of East Morocco. Here you will see the villages where the traditional Moroccan rugs are hand woven by the tribal societies living in the rural areas.

Many Berber tribes in the Middle Atlas lives in villages hardly leave their houses and roam around the cliffs. The communities and the tribes keep the secret of the popular Berber rug weaving techniques to their tribes. The weaving of the Beni Ourain rugs have made an international presence in very few periods and they have been admired from every part of the world in the present era.

Traditionally, the rugs made the way to the world through the travelers basically and got fame when these travelers, traders, and customers from all over the world bought the Moroccan rugs from the Moroccan souks and sale them out of the red city.

The traditional Moroccan rugs originally created high above the mountains before they ever find the path to the souks of Fez, Marrakesh, and many other parts of the city. Because of the rapidly increasing popularity of the Moroccan rugs around the world, a new venture, a new business taken into consideration by many of the people in Morocco that created a path for the people to get the Beni Ourain rugs from the original source.


Village of Artisans

To create the Moroccan rugs, it is essential to have the wool to create the base and the entire woolen carpet using color dyes to make the patterns in the rug. So, it all starts with a point of a stop on the mountainside, with a herd of sheep. The herd of sheep has to roam around the village by every person of the village, on taking turns. Many times the shepherding is the responsibility of the male gender of the village, who also are responsible to sheer the sheep on its time.

After shepherding, the wool is separated keeping different factors in minds such as the age of the sheep and the part of the sheep where the wool comes from. The best part of the wool comes from the sheep’s spine and neck – and it’s too better even if the sheep has been hailing from the Atlas Mountains. The purer and softer fleece of the sheep is then mixed with the coarser, hardier wool that comes from the sheep of Atlas herds.

In order to have enough wool for the production of a standard-sized rug, it takes the coats of almost fifty to a hundred well-grown sheep. Once the wool is separated, the women of the tribal areas take it for cleaning from the famous Beldi soap which is also a popular product of Morocco – using the water from the stream flowing from the mountaintops.




After cleaning and washing the wool from the stream, spooling is performed. Spooling is also done by the women of Moroccan village who hand-spin the sheep wool to produce the various thicknesses thread consisting of yarn. After that this yarn is twisted across a wooden dowel.

While spooling, much of the yarn is left uncolored to produce the natural cream color as a base of the rug weaving. For the different coloration to design the rug, spices and flora are used by the weavers to dye the wool. The Moroccan rug wool is now ready to be weaved.

Once they are all done with the basic preparation of the yarn, women weavers visualize the design that they want to create on a rug. The women then begin with the loom and necessary dimension and start looping the yarn strings. If the Moroccan wool is thought to be weaved traditionally then spaces for tassels and the additional embellishments are left to be added later.


The Charm of the Hand at the Moroccan Rug Wool

Certainly, the mistakes are deliberately made with the creation of the Beni Ourain rugs. But these inimitable and unique imperfections are one of the reasons that have given them value till now, which is not easy to get when a Beni Ourain rug is commercially made or factory-made equivalents. The people of the Marrakesh souks call it as a charm of a weaver’s hand that can only be given in a rug when it is purely hand woven.

These Moroccan rugs design are often seen in zellige – a series of geometric tiles that perfectly decorate the interior of Moroccan culture. Zillige seems to be consists of perfect designs but as you get a closer look you begin to notice traces of mismatched patterns and mistakes.

It’s a fact that you cannot find two Beni Ourain and Zillige with the same pattern or designs, even if they are apparently made by the same weaver or with the same designs. And that’s why people buy these Moroccan Marrakesh unique rugs to make their own, that nobody possesses the same work.


Where to Get the Authentic Moroccan Typical Rug

For making your online purchase EttiluxHome is the best online marketplace where you get your own thing in any size, pattern, design, and color. But if you want to visit Moroccan soul on your visit to Morocco next time then Gelerie Ben Rahal in Marrakech's Nouvelle Ville is doing the business of purchasing and selling Moroccan rugs of every kind for more than 60 years.

They can help you in the case where you want to get rid of your antique rug; plus, their experience will take you back to the 20th century if you want to wander around the rug stories of the past decades through rugs.

At Rahal, thousands of dollars of inventory are there to explore coming from the different parts of the country with their own tribal designs symbols and patterns making them their own kind. These include the tribal designs from the Middle and High Atlas, Haouz designs, and Rbati Arab designs. The shop is basically for the traveler who desires to analyze the quality of the rugs, drink tea, and listen to the sellers about the Moroccan rugs wool and the carpets while making their mind to have their own rug.

The time spent at the shop is not to be bothered and can be an amazing process of getting something that typically takes at least one hour, it’s another thing if you want to keep yourself indulge in those mesmerizing stories and the mint tea offered at the market. 


Many customers just generally compromise on things when the rug is not pricey as compared to the other well finished rugs. Probably because it suits their need or they like the combination.


Bringing the World Close by Putting the Rugs Available For Everyone Online

After two years of the official announcement of the Beni Ourain rugs to be sold at the internet markets by Tiberio Lobo-Navia. From their online platform, they initially allowed people to create their customizable Beni rugs to be then prepared on their selected designs and patterns through weaving in the same traditional Berber tribal styles.

It’s just a transformation of selling rugs from the old ways to the newer ones. But that does not right to say that getting your rugs that way from your own choices will kill the adventure of the real Moroccan rugs.

With the increasing popularity of the rugs in the interior designs and the fashion community, having someone at your back who can take your requirements and travel through the origination and get you your rug is much helpful. Whereas, where the imperfections are loved in the oceans of perfections Beni Ourain are the ones that have made their names in this deep ocean – by letting customers design their own carpets and rugs exactly the way they want them to be. It becomes easy for them to decorate their homes with particular colors, designs, motifs and special themes.


Take away

While purchasing the whole bunch of the desired material from the ease of your home can be fascinating for some, while the charm of visiting the shops physically and purchasing everything with every confirmation for some.

Plus, without haggling, there’s nothing that can be purchased at the Moroccan Markets as it is the culture of the locals. If you are visiting Morocco for traveling and want to buy rugs, ornaments, candles, carpets, or any other popular thing from Moroccan bazaars, follow some tips for haggling we have mentioned in the previous article. The tips for haggling will surely save you some bucks.


As the Moroccan rugs are a great inspiration and the cultural history is enough to make them popular among many other types of rugs in the market. But the soft and pure Moroccan rugs wool be the particular reason that makes them stand out from others.

Good identification of the authentic and original Moroccan rug is viewing it from the backside. If it is the real one it should have the cream-colored base as the sheep wool.

Key Details

  • 100% Premium wool.
  • Dimensions: (6.7 x 10.5 feet) – (207 x 320 cm) 
  • Rug thickness:3 cm.
  • 100% Handwoven


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