KILIM RUG (8.9 x 13.5 feet) (271 x 413 cm )

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The Berber Kilim rugs bring personality, authenticity and character to any interior. These rugs, woven in Taznakht and the High Atlas, symbolize the identity of the Moroccan Berber tribes who make them. These rugs identify with the heart of Moroccan Berber culture.

Moroccan rugs will transform an interior with its highly prized, bohemian chic and trendy “kinfolk” style. The motifs and designs acts like banners for the tribes they come from and bestow good tidings for posterity to those who gather round it.

We have travelled through the remote and harsh Moroccan mountains of Taznakht, by car, on foot and even on a mule to find this paragon of tribal life. This treasure was designed by a Berber craftswoman, heir to a tradition passed from mother to daughter, time immemorial.

This woman writes in pictures and with her hands. It shares the inspiration that has defined her life, motherhood, family, village, love and nature. It describes her mindset, strong in character to ensure she does right and makes good decisions for herself, her family and her community.

She collected extra-virgin and very soft wool from sheep native to the surrounding villages of the Atlas regions. She then washed her wool in the river with saponary plants. The wool is then left under the stars for a whole night to keep away the evil eye according to the ancestral Berber tradition.

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My beautiful vintage Moroccan rug arrived beautifully wrapped and ready to wow!
Colors were right on! Loved the “show it in my room” feature on Ettiluxhome website.
Would order again in a heartbeat!


my rug is beautiful!!! i am so happy, instantly made my apartment feel cozy and chic


I purchased three small rugs that were exactly as pictured on Ettiluxhome website. I’m very pleased with them.


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