What is Beni Ourain ?

What is Beni Ourain ?

Incredibly soft, natural and wonderfully timeless, that's the Beni Ourain carpet from the heart of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The apparent carpets made of pure wool, are after the Berber tribe of "Beni Ourain" complaints that shaped their patterns and properties. Mostly you can find simple, with old carpets also more complex, geometric patterns. Whereby the last patterns are again enjoying popularity. The Berber carpets are known worldwide and have been a real design classic since the midcentury era. A unit of the carpet when he developed interior lovers of the Scandinavian style of living for himself again. Their personal identity wool and traditional handcraft make the Berber carpets an extremely patient and long-lasting classic that can be passed on from generation to generation. Our originals Beni Ourain are still woven and knitted by the Berber women according to old tradition, in this form they have been very lost. Their graphic patterns, their imperfection make them so popular and absolutely unique. You can read more about our authentic Berber carpets here.

Production of the Beni Ouarain carpets

The Beni Ourain carpets are traditionally made by women. Here the art of carpet knotting is usually passed on from mother to daughter, which is why this tradition has been going on for centuries in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Beni Ourain carpets are still made by hand, which means that they are basically unique. The uniqueness as a piece of furniture is guaranteed with the carpets from Morocco.


The Berber tribes also pay attention to traditionally tried and tested materials. So Beni Ouarain carpets are always made from 100% sheep's wool. In addition, a natural coloring is carried out and thus no chemical additives are used. The natural materials, the attractive design and the fact that they are unique pieces are the main reasons why the Beni Ourain carpets were able to establish themselves in the western industrialized nations.


Other special features of the Beni Ourain carpets

Due to their warm colors and the ivory white background, Beni Ourain carpets are suitable for every apartment and are suitable for both modern and rustic furnishings. Thanks to their thick structure and their production from pure sheep's wool, they also ensure warm feet and are easy to walk on. The color structure is also particularly beautiful to look at. No sheep is the same and so the wool of different sheep has different shades of color. Since the Beni Ourain carpets are made of pure sheep's wool, which has not been chemically treated, these subtle color differences can also be seen in the carpet.


Individual Beni Ourain carpets

Although all Beni Ourain carpets are unique and unique, occasionally the furnishing requires a carpet of a special size or certain colors. For this reason, it is possible for us to have Beni Ourain carpets