How do people source Vintage rugs?

How do people source Vintage rugs?

How do people source Vintage rugs?

 ou will be scammed every time whenever you wish to buy Moroccan vintage rugs. Why?? Because to buy Moroccan vintage rugs you need to understand what makes them vintage and from where people source them.

In this article today, you will get to know everything about how to tell that this is the vintage Moroccan rug and places where you can source them.

What makes a Moroccan Rug vintage?

Vintage actually means that a rug has spent life after its manufacturing. To know what makes it vintage, look for the following identifications;

  The backside of the vintage rug represents a more polished surface. Otherwise, the back of a newer rug shows fuzzy strings. The vintage is rather smooth as it has been made years ago which makes it lees fuzzy.

   It should feel floppy as Moroccan vintage rugs become sloppy after such time.

  The color of the designs and patterns on the vintage Moroccan rugs becomes fade with time due to light exposure. Look out for the fake color fading as the manufacturers of the rugs in the market put on bleach to the rugs to give them a vintage look. Beware and look for the entire carpet if it looks the same.


    Moroccan vintage rugs are not infinite. It is almost impossible to find two similar Moroccan rugs. The pattern, color, and designs are not the same, in short, they are finite. If you find vintage rugs with similar patterns and styles, they are not vintage but factory-made.


 The authentic and Best Sources of Vintage Moroccan Rugs

You may have spent hours searching for vintage rugs online and in-stores. But all you need is to look at the right place for a colorful vintage rug. On deep research, we have found some websites for you that source vintage rugs with a myriad of varieties.

From natural colors to minimalist designs, these stores have everything you need. Let’s talk about the first place:

    Ettilux Home – The rugs at the store are beautifully arranged in an amazing collection. Additionally, these rugs can be easily narrowed down by size to fit in your room with the help of a room visualizer.

    Loon & Kiln - The store is based in the outer regions of Utah and not only deals in rugs but much other ceramic, art, and decorative pieces gathered from different parts of the world.

 Kilim Studio –If you want to buy vintage and antique rugs, then you should visit Kilim Studios once. You will get everything in the name of vintage here to decorate your home and office.

This is it. You just have to look for specific things when identifying vintage quality rugs and you will never be scammed again.