EL MEHDI - Jan 01 2020


When it comes to rugs everyone knows that Beni Ourain are the best choice to give a beautiful look to anyplace. They are considered the most precious rugs all across the globe. Their soft texture and beautiful designs leave everyone amazed. They were exported all across the world because of their finest texture and quality. 

What makes the Beni Ourain rugs soft?

Beni Ourain is considered the softest rug among the people. The materials used in the rug make it soft and best quality. Some of the materials used in the Moroccan rug are described below. 

Made of pure wool. 
They are made up of pure sheep wool in a natural way. Most of the rugs are hand-woven which makes them one of the finest quality rugs in the world. It is known for its softness because of the pure sheep wool used in it. Every year tons of sheep wool is extracted to make these beautiful and soft rugs. 

Free of color dyes.
The Beni Ourain are so original that sometimes they are free of color dyes. This makes them outstanding from all other types of rugs. They are very aesthetic to look at and also beautify the overall look of the place where it is used. The Moroccan wool is considered the most original extraction of wool. 

They have special washing techniques.
Beni Ourain have special washing techniques that make the material last longer. Once you buy a Moroccan rug you can use it for many years because of its durable material. They also do not lose the original color and remain soft no matter how many times you wash it. This is one of the most special qualities of Moroccan rugs. The special washing of Beni Ourain keeps them soft and in the original shape for a longer time.

Beautiful designs.
It is known for its beautiful design and unique patterns. The attractive patterns present on the rug make them very eye-catching. Because of their soft material and beautiful design, they are used in most of the formal places which have offices in living rooms. In ancient times they were used in the most sacred places belonging to all kinds of religions. They are loved and preferred by many people because of their high-quality material and attractive designs.

Conclusion :

The above-specified points are the key benefits and features of the Beni ourain rug from Moroccan Berber tribal for why people use it. You can See more Beni Ourain rugs here . We will provide you with the quality stuff.